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i am thinking about buying a '91 CRXsi. i would like to perform a mini me swap with the d16z6 head on the a6 bottom end. i will need the cylinder head and a z6 ecu(or at least something to control the vtec right? is that all? and could i put zc pistons in it and maybe the intake manifold from the z6 or zc? and somebody told me they have a 91 gsr intake manifold on their d16a6. is this possible? thanks--david
here's your z6 swap shopping list

z6 head
z6 intakemanifold (etc injectors, rail, tb)
z6 head gasket
z6 timing belt
z6 waterpump
p28 ecu (manual)

i don't think you can swap zc pistons, same bore... but shit i dunno.... and no there isn't a 91 gsr.
the ZC pistons do fit ... they up the CR to about 11.5:1 with the D16Y8 head gasket
hey thanks alot. what HP gains would i get from this if any? and the ecu from the zc is set to kick vtec in at what RPM? would i benefit from an aftermarket vtec controller? thanks--david
the ZC ECU does not control VTEC ... you want to use a P28 (VTEC @ 4800rpm)... a VTEC controler isnt needed but its probly a good idea

the mini-me w/y8 head gasket and ZC pistons is said to be good for about 160hp (all builds are different though and your numbers can be higher or lower)
sorry by zc i meant z6. 160hp? that is way more than i expected but that is not on an a6 to z6 but thanks for the input. and what would you recomend using to kick in the vtec?
ummm :blink:

you want to put a D series VTEC head on a D series non-VTEC block right???
that IS a mini-me

there are several ways to do it...
one of them it to use the D16Y8 head gasket (it is half as thick as the D16Z6 gasket) that will give you an 11.1:1 CR now if you use the ZC pistons you will have 11.5:1 CR and about 160 hp

and the D16Z6's ECU is a P28