Custom Turbo Set Up

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i got a d16y8 and want to do a custom turbo setup on it cus i cant afford a kit. i was looking for a hf manifold, but cant seem to locate one. could i use a d16y7 manifold. i heard it works. if not ne ideas or comments.

or and what turbo tdo4 14b, tdo4 14g

what one is better for a single cam???
thanks for the help
rev hard makes a really nice manifold for the D series. I think you cn get them for $400.. very durable and a nice design.

Just a suggestion.. if you have a hard time affording the turbo system you may want to think twice before turbocharging the car. If you dont do the system right it will cost you WAAAYYY more in the long run.

dont worry about prices bro just take your time and learn as much as you can about boosting and check out this site..... diy turbo . check out the forum for all sorts of tips
oh yeah donbt worrie about me not having enough money. its just going to take me a lil longer to get everything done. so imma just take my time and build it piece by piece. so the 14b or 14g will work?? thanks for the info.


what other manifolds can i use. and whats a STD manifold???
std is the 4th gen hatch- no model.. its basically a cx of the 4th gen, but they didn't ahve that trim level.. its lower than an si and dx, and known as the "standard" model
wow theres a model lower than a dx??? interesting. ok thanks for the info