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hello everyone im new to the whole honda swap things, all that changed when i bought a 91 civic hatch. i have 225,000 miles on it and the engine is pretty toasted compression sucks, head had a crack ect. I dont want to bother putting forth the effort to save the engine so i want to swap in a newer D16 either a obd1 or 2 non vtech engine.

since i dont know the intricate details involved here are what i need to know.
looking at a non vtech 92-2000 d16

if i swap the whole long block with its ecu and harness into my civic. will everything bolt on? or do i have to rewire stuff? if so what do i have to rewire? the trans is a 5spd from a crx si will that bolt up?

the civic is fun to drive but the d15 DPFI is just slow. i need a little bit more from my daily driver. MY other car is a 1990 ford probe turbo running around 300hp. THAT car is sick, but its not running right now because my megasquirt setup took a dump due to a wiring error.

Im also an ASE certified auto tech and have been in the game a while. im confident in my abilities, i just want someone to guide me as to what i have to do. to make this swap painless

thanks alot in advance
DX,STD (DPFI) -> Si,HX (MPFI) wiring

Remember to get extra ECU connector pins for the wires you have to add. I can't speak for all D series motors but I'm pretty sure if it's OBD 0 or 1 and it's not Vtac the wiring shouldn't be (much) different. You'll probably find specific info on a swap for the engine you eventually choose by searching the forum.
Good luck man, if you're already a certified auto tech then swapping an engine in a honda should be a cake walk for you!
hey guys i got something similar but i want to know
i have a d16y7 in a 90 civic sedan and its auto , its still have the daul point fuel injection and i want to change it to do a multi point swap
i have a d16 intake manifold , resister box , and i want to use a obdo ecu so am staying obdo i want to use a p29 ecu
tell me what are your responses