D15 with d16y8 head

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Hey guys, I have a delsol-s (d15b) and i was trying to get some info. on the the mini hybrid. I had a couple of questions. Is the installation just a staright bolt on SOHC VTEC head with something to engage VTEC like VAFC? I know i need gaskets for the head, but is it that simple? I was wondering if nedd a "complete" head, or can i just use components off of my car? How much gains should i expect and is it really worth it? And do i need valve adjustments as well?

I really appreciate all the help. Thanks.
its a pretty straight forward swap im doing it right now cuz i F'd up the bottom end on my Sol Si.... use the D16Z6 head and its a direct fit .. not sure about the D16Y8 but it should be too... theres no modification involved ( running oil lines moding the head ) it just slaps together .... you will need to run 3 wires for VTEC though

heres a link about this swap : http://www.iapecc.com/mini_me.htm
I'm doing the exact same swap into my 92 DX, So far I have bought: Y8 head, intake manifold, fuel rail, and injectors (which I found out wont work cause they have OBD2 connectors). I also got a 1993 P28 ECU (EX/Si) from an automatic cause my tranny is auto; a Distributor, rotor, cap, and wires from a 98 EX (although I later found out that my 92 will work); a VAFC (ebay a good place to look), and a Z6 head gasket. I need to buy a 92 VX/Si/EX water pump (pretty sure they are all the same part) and a timing belt but I dont know which one. i'm guessing a 96 EX timing belt but not for sure. any body know what timing belt is best fitting ?
Oh yea, and there is some kind of oil jet in the block that must be removed because the vtec head has its own inside!
your compression will be high, i read 11:1, so fill your tank w/ 92 octane before the swap!
Well good luck with your project and dont forget to post up how things turned out. Thanks for some more insight teal dx and if you find out about the timing belt let me know too! And one more thing how do you hook up the vtec? i read the link that i got and it said i run three lines to activate vtec, where do they connect? any help would be greatly appreciated. Good luck with ur project again teal dx. Later
as far as wiring goes I have no idea.... I hear about all 92 hatchbacks being pre-wired for vtec so hopefully that means i won't have to mess around with adding wires into the ECU harness using those little gold pins. It might even be possible to wire everything w/o the VAFC but I got one just incase I run into trouble there. Vtec solenoid, oil pressure and maybe knock sensor?? are the 3 wires to hook up if I had to guess. I'll figure it out for sure when i get that far. And I can't find anybody who has done the swap using the Y8 head so I'm going w/ my first instinct and buying the waterpump from a 92 EX/VX/SI and timing belt from 96 EX. I have been told this "should" work fine. I'll let you know after i find out! Later
Thnx for the info.
I have a civic 92 dxi, with d15b6. I have already put the intake manifold of a d16z6 block. I also have the head. But i atill have to pollish it. I don have the computer yet. I'll keep u gays updated. I think i will put a turbo.
But that is still een option.
be careful turboing the mini me! As posted b4 the compression raises so the likelyhood of blowing it goes up! Just make sure you run a low boost(like 5psi max) and tune it perfectly!
I read on a link that zc pistons (older integras) can fit in the mini me hybrid. What i wanted to know was that do they fit in just right? or does it need some kind of modification? thanks a lot for the help.
Have fun trying to get the distributor bolted onto the y8 head. The bolt patterns are different than your original ones. Also the wiring might be different.
the y8 has pentproof combustion chambers...better than z6...and I believe theres an alternative dist....Lemme research it....but I believe it's a early d series...but I'm not sure off hand....but the z6 is bolt on
I am almost 1/2 way trough w/ this swap... Trying to figure out the 3 wires I need for Vtec. There is the vtec solenoid which uses the orange wire w/ white stripe and silver dots, simple one wire hook up. then there is an orange wire with a blue stripe and silver dots, I'm guessing it goes to the other connector on the back corner of the head by the vtec solenoid? there are 2 prongs on this connector, if the orange/blue/silver spot wire is in one side, what goes to the other one, a chassis ground maybe? and which side is which?
btw, the 2 wire colors are for 92 hatch which already have those 2 wires running to the engine plug harnesses
Originally posted by teal_dx@Oct 8 2002, 01:42 PM
what goes to the other one, a chassis ground maybe? and which side is which?

Ground is right. If it's not a good ground you will get at least 8,000 different codes (well close)
I now have a Mini-me civic!! Huge difference in power, and vtec screams! I did the Y8 swap with the head, intake manifold, fuel rail and plug wires. my 92 dx distributor works perfect. Also replaced the dx waterpump w/ a 92 dx pump and 96 ex timing belt. Had to do some slight fabrication to the intake manifold and throttle cable mount. Then build a frankenstein of coolant hoses. There was one vaccum line in the intake that made my idle keep revving up and down. I capped those lines and now it is still revvy but only in Park and Neutral, not as revvy as before though. I have a VAFC ready to install but I want to find out how to fix the idle problem first. It idles ok untill the engine is warm... anybody experience this problem? I'm happy that this is the only trouble I'm having after the swap!
Well congrats Tealdx...I was wondering if you used your original dx ecu or the ex ecu? Ill try and find out the idle problem you have, and ill get back if i can figure it out. Congrats again. And do you think the fuel rail really makes a difference, or the original d15 fuel rail will be okay?
I used the P28 Ecu (EX/Si) from a 1993 Auto. (has to be same as your tranny)
The fuel rails were different design inside, the flow path was slightly different. I had to use the one that came with the Y8 intake cause my DX fuel rail would not bolt up to the Y8 intake manifold. But I did use my 135k mi DX indectors so I wouldnt have to modify the connectors (but put the EX injectors away in a zip lock ifor when the DX ones go) Also the 92 dx Fuel pressure regulator did not fit the Y8 Fuelrail, probaby better that I use the EX FPR anyways. Need any more info, let me know!
interesting note:
one more thing that is different now... I cannot give full throttle. i press the gas against the firewall way past where it used to stop, and the TB is still not quite wide open. I re-shaped the Y8 throttle cable bracket and adjusted, but still not enough travel. So as fast as my car is now (compared to before), there's still a little more oomph waiting to be released when i get around to building a new bracket!! :)
With your setup, what have you raced? and what cars can you keep up with? I'd like to have an idea of how much power the Mini me can dish out. Thanks.
ok ur rev problem that u have may be that ur pcv valve is bad so check it and replace if u have oil dripping out of it and it can also cause u to burn oil later on if not replaced, but if it is good then while ur car is running take soem throttle body cleaner and when it is reving up and down spray it where ur throttle body bolts to ur intake and if it stops reving up and down then ur gasket is bad and u need a new one, i am putting a y8 head on my z6 does anyone have any info on this