d15b wiring problem

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I ordered the stock d16z6 harness from rywire for my d15b vtec and when I hooked it all up the engine would crank but not turn over. my friends dad is a mechanic and checked the spark plug wires and he said its not getting spark at all, even with whole new distributor. he ran a volt meter on the wires going to the ignition and said it wasnt getting anything at all after turning the key on. I'm wondering if this has something to do with the harness and if not what else it could be. We both checked the grounds and theyre fine and I'm running a p28 ecu if that matters for this.
probly the dizzy... is the full pump priming when you turn on the key? if not then its probly the main relay.
Yeah the fuel pump runs fine, and the dizzy's brand new, I checked the trans ground, valve cover ground and thermostat ground and all seems well. I'll check the main relay, its driving me crazy though because its been sitting in my garage un-driven for almost 3 months now. Is there a chance the ignition wiring in the harness itself can be bad? The meter wasnt registering any current in it at all.