D16A swap questions

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I just ordered a D16A for my 00 civic. It has a P2E non vtec ecu in it. The motor is coming with the harness and a PEM ecu for auto trans (pretty sure its from an HR-V). Am I going to be better off doing a auto to manual conversion on the jdm PEM ecu so it keeps the 4800 RPM vtec point or better off buying a P2P manual ecu? If I did the P2P manual ecu can I use a vtec controller to move the turn on from 5500 down to the 4800 it should be at for the D16A? Last honda a was doing mods on was in my teen years in the 90s.. 😂
Assuming the D16A you're getting (there's a lot of them) is a sohc vtec ala the ZC, the p2p is probably the better choice. It's pretty close to the y8 in function. I wouldn't worry about the vtec engagement point at all.
Yes, its the newer vtec SOHC motor. I was told that I need to move the crank sensor over from the d16y8 thats in the car now as well as "the gear behind the crank pulley" which I am assuming they meant the timing belt pulley from behind there. Obviously if I use the P2P ecu I would need to do that or just splice the wires at the ecu to bypass the sensor. They also said that I need to swap the "pick up tube". Is that referring to the oil pick up tube? Why would I want to swap that over?
FYI I did not put in the d16y8 thats in the car. My son bought it like that. The vtec solenoid is just sitting there unplugged. I have NO idea what intake manifold is on it. I know its not the y8 manifold cause the iacv is 3 wire. It has a top inlet on it. I was under the impression that the factory intake manifold was a side intake.
Basically my son bought someones project that had been seriously mickey moused and then blew the head gasket and drove it over heated and seized the crap out if it. I am attempting to swap it right now.. 😂
This is the setup that I ordered


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And this is the nightmare I'm working with.. 😂


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Oh yeah.. Looking at the motor thats going in, is there any way to know what seal kit and timing kit i need to order? Is it going to be the y8 stuff or do I need to try to find zc stuff?