d16y8 manifold air injection blockoff

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please read before you dismiss or move topic. i'm asking my question here because this manifold and head came from your models and figure you guys have more first hand knowledge and can be more informative. i have a 88 crx si with a d16a6, and i'm planning on putting a 2000 civic ex d16y8 manifold and head onto my block as a mini me swap.

my question is, do i have to block off the air injection if i'm using the same manifold as the head came off of? if so, referring to the picture below, are these all of the holes that i need to fill? do i need to fill all of them? what's the best way to block them all off? thanks a lot you guys

and here's a picture of the head. upon more review, it looks like this y8 head's holes doesn't match up exactly to the manifold. is this head from a 96-98? thanks a lot
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Just plug the 5 holes on the top row along with the nipple, but don't block the large hole on the left because it is for coolant. Also there should be a date stamped on the front of the head above the exhaust port.
Do the holes have to be plugged? I'm doing the same swap but I got a 99-00 IM gasket and it isolates all 5 holes. If I use that gasket can I plug the hose comming out of the top of the manifold flange to block the leak?
are you trying to put this onto a crx si head? or what head are you using? yes, it does matter so please let me know.

fill in all of the top 5 holes. 1 larger one in the middle with 2 on each side. they must be filled, just fill it with some jb weld, it's like $5 at any auto parts store. make sure that it's either flat with the gasket surface or indents a little, you don't want any sticking out or the manifold won't seal tight against the head. also, be careful of the 4 smaller holes as those go directly to the injector mounting locations. you obviously don't want any sticking out through there either. on the top of the flange, there's a 1 inch piece of metal that some people just cap off, i pulled mine out with some vice grips and then filled it. it looks a lot better having it flush that way, rather than having a piece of metal with a cap on it sticking up from the manifold. i used q-tips with the cotton pulled off to put the jb weld inside the holes. make sure you do little by little so you don't get it anywhere you dont want it. after i had enough jb weld in the holes, but not too much for it to just pour out, i covered the holes with tape and set it next to the heater all night. when i woke up, i took the tape off and it's been sitting ever since, so i know it's good and hard. it'll be waiting and ready for when i do my head swap.
My friends mom spun a rod bearing in her manual EK coupe it had a d16z6 block/y8 head combo (they bought the car like that and didnt know untill I told them) anyways I found a d16y7 for cheap w/ low miles so I used that with their 99-00 manual y8 intake manifold and y8 exhaust manifold. The intake manifold has fuel air injection holes. I know I can block the holes with JB weld but, I want to know if I use the 99-00 IM gasket can I block the hose comming out of the top of the IM-to-head flange to stop the vacuum leak. **The y8 head off the z6 block is also warped or else I would have swapped that head on the y7 block**
No. because on the 99-00 Y8 head there is extra material above the intake ports that is machined to line up with the gasket. The Y7 doesn't have this so the gasket will sit flush with the intake ports, but won't be flush with the air injection ports.
yeah idk about gaskets. what you can do is go to your parts store and get both gaskets for the y8. get one for the 96-98 and one for the 99-00. but even if the gasket covers up the holes, the flange with the injection holes needs something to be pressed against to keep the gasket snug in between to block off the injection holes. just plug the holes and you're fine
you don't need to use honda gaskets for things like that. a $10 felpro gasket will work the same. but yes, fill the holes and use whatever gasket for the y8 that you want. really though, any d series intake manifold gasket will work