d16y8 with p28 ecu

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New Member
I have a 96 civic hatch, with a complete change over of a d16y8(using the d16y8 engine harness ( is using the d16y8 engine harness the right move?)

recently converted to obd1, using a obd2-obd1 conversion harness with a stock p28 ecu

the question is, do i need to do anything else to suit obd1
such as changing the Injectors, Distributor, and the Alternator.

and for some reason my cel is on with code 41 (primary sensor) but its a brand new sensor, any clues to why its still throwing code 41?

sorry for being a noob, but i really need my car to start working again

any help would be greatly appreciated
if you have a 96 car and a d16y8 why did you convert to obd1 why not just stay obd2
obd1 is easier to tune. you will need to change the injector clips unless you use the y8 injectors. you will also need to change the alternator and dizzy