d16z6 into 89 civic dx ef..... help no fuel!!

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I'm doing a z6 swap into my ef which was dpfi to the z6 with a p28, Phancentric engine harness, locash jumper. I cant get the fuel injectors to fire.

I left the fuel injectors in the rail but pulled them out of the head to see if they were spraying any fuel...and nothing. I'm getting 10v to the injector clips as well. Any ideas???
Were the Injectors working before the swap?? Maybe they are dead and are you throwing any cel codes?
I bought the injectors used>>>said they were pulled from a running car and still had alittle gas smell to them. But no codes?? I need to check the fuses but I dont know which one is for the injectors>

My fuel pump runs I got plenty of fuel in the rail> the car starts with starting fluid???
they are obd1 injectors then right? since you said you got 10v... which is odd.. at clip i'm assuming you no longer are using the resistor box, in which case you also should not be using obd0 injectors.
what kinda volts should i see at the clip? Yea they are obd1 injectors...no box I bought a 0bd0 to obd1 conversion harness from Phancentric
if you have obd1 injectors and no resistor box then your fine as far as power to the injectors is concerned. the ecu sends a ground to each injector, which is what makes it fire. clearly that signal is not getting there, so thats where i would start troubleshooting.