d16z6 or d16y8

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which one of these motors are better for turbo? Or are there a difference? Someone told me that the y8 is better for NA and the z6 is better for turbo. :eek:


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they are both pretty much the same damn thing.

if you have a 92-95, use a z6
if you have a 96-00, use a y8

that way, your swap will be slightly easier.

the y8 has a slightly better head and intake manifold, but IMO, its not worth the swap hassel-- esp. if you are going to boost it.
Doesnt the y8 have swirl ports and the z6 have strait ports. i read somethin like that on d-series. they said that the z6 is better for turbo and the y8 mixes fuel better and is better for na.... not real sure but thats what i read...


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were talking about a 3 hp difference here people....

the y8 IM is better flowing than the z6... but bolts right on the z6.
the y8 has slightly more compression, and a different head design (kinda like a b16 vs a gsr)

the point is minute. do the easier swap.