D2racing coilover's?????????

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Does anyone know anything about D2 racing coilovers or does any one have them im looking at picking up a set just wondering if they are worth the money. from what ive read on there site they seem legit but im sure everyones website says there coilovers are legit???????????????? thanks
We use D2s on both our CRX and our integra. Never a problem with them since they were installed. Iva had them ont he integra for at least 2+ years and on the CRX for more than a year. Good quality products.


okay well what are good spring rates if im doing mostly street driving ocasional track??? also do u run a camber kit with urs if so what kind do u use on the front end i know there are two different types u can go with the upper adjustable balljoint or lower balljoint i believe that is adjustable????????? thankyou
Im pretty sure I got the 10ks all around for both cars, but if I could do it over again, id order something softer than that. They were really a stiff spring, and even adjusting the rebound rate it was still a little rougher than I thought they would be. Im not running a camber kit on the integra, the wheels just didnt camber in, but were using the skunk2 front camber kit on the CRX. Fixed the camber right up. If youre wheels arent to cambered after yo lower it, you may just need to get an alignment and have them adjust the Toe while theyre at it.
okay thanks i dont plan to drop to much maybe an inch or so. i bought the coilovers so we will see how they are ill let you know.
I've had several friends who have ran the D2's and loved them. One friend got a deal on some brand new Tein Super Streets so he sold his D2's to get the Tein's and regretted it. He liked the D2's better.

However, everyone I know who runs Function Forms Type 1's or 2's, have zero complaints as well and they are cheaper than the D2's...

Also, I have one friend who runs the Megan Racing 36 way adjustables on his EP3 and they ride real nice too.
i won the auction for the coilovers for like 700 and the d2 websight is selling them for 1300 so i think i got a good deal i got 10k front springs and 5k springs for the rear i hope its not to crazy stiff i have a b18 in the car making the front end a lil bit heavier then stock but not by much so im hoping those 10k springs wont be to bad???????