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im selling my hatch because i dont feel like having to put another tranny in, so i think im going to be buying a 91 integra. my question was what is the difference betweem an Ls and Gs? my guess is that its power options, like power doors locks ect. or is it motor?
The motors are the same. It's all the stuff inside the car that distinguishes them. I don't know for sure, but I think the difference is power options. I know my GS had crank windows. But I could be wrong.
allright thanks man, i had an idea but i wasnt sure, i gotta sell my hatch tho, 900 haha then im buyin a 91 integra :) i thinks its jus an ls... my buddy has a gsr head i might throw on later in the future. idk
haha allright guys thankk yoouuu..

the only thing is i like my ef.. im 50 50 on das, i like 94 n up teggys but i doo like the way da's look what you think?b
If you do a DA up right, they are bad ass.... get some one piece headlights, drop it on the right wheels, subtle exhaust, if its a 90-91 then you could think about switching to 92-93 bumpers and then get a front lip. personally i think das look way better without a rear spoiler. DA is a good chassis that already comes with 4 wheel disc brakes, usually has sunroof and other options, and obviously super easy to sway any b series engine in there.
RS- No power windows, door looks and no sunroof, with cloth seats
LS- Power everything, comes with or without sunroof, with cloth seats and wheels
GS- same as LS except has leather and better looking wheels
the LS may or may not have power windows and locks
I have a GS and it doesnt have leather anything, however it has power windows, mirrors and sunroof. Thats all i can think of.