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It's been awhile since i posted. I took a break off the car just because i wanted to drive it. Ive been enjoying the B17 along with the YS1 transmission. Its crazy how it was an auto and now its a manual. Every time i come in the car, i look at the AUTO cluster. Im still keeping it....Its OG miles on the car. Anyways, Ive decided to pick up a few small things and also went to the junkayrd.

Since I bought the pedal assembly from the junkyard, the brake/accel pedals were worn out. I bought new replacements along with a new cotter pin for the brake booster to brake pedal. I even picked up a new VALET Key for my car since I lost the original. Also picked up some interior pieces for the seat and some misc things. I also came up on the DRIVERS Floor Mat. Tried looking for the other 3 but could not find it. The floor mat is beat but some cleaning and fabric paint will make it look good.


I'm getting any voltage out of the P61 ECU and I am not receiving any type of voltage or reading. I back probed connector D pin 20 for any voltage with the car on and I get no reading. idk what to do, fixed my other codes but I still get a code 7 and I'm trying calibrate my TPS.
nice, looking good man. Good job done, how many hours it took you? I mean how many hours you were spending daily?