dell laptop for sale... come and get it

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my avatar is better.
name : Joe
aim : youknowwhoibee
email :
p.m. me for a price or b/o
i am located in baltimore and have many of vouches here on hondaswap.
so let me know and thanks for looking. And if it is the wrong forum... welp sorry could you move it :)

This is my baby... i would rather sell it though and get out of debt then have it. I can always buy one with cash later. It is less than a year old Dell Inspiron 5150 laptop. It is a 3.1 ghz P4 , 40 gb harddrive, 512 mb ram, nvidia geforce fx Go5200 graphics card, built in wireless card. With the laptop you will have a 4 year warrenty from dell, a microsoft optical mouse, Creative 2.1 sound system, western digital 160gb external hot swappable harddrive, dell photo printer, and a wireless router.
Not open for further replies.