Delsol Vs Crx (pics)

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I want to see Delsol pics and Crx pics. Yeah and it has to be yours not a pal or anything like that. I want to see what the cars have in them. But just post your pics, and show what they got. (If you want , you can tell what they do in the 1/4 or 1/8.) Later

theres my sol

i have no pics of my rex yet, but its an 89 crx si, all black in better condition than my sol so you can imagine :\
yeah, but the crx looks beter without them IMO. I mean, CRX + Mud = wtf in the first place :p
i dont want my bumper to get hit by rocks and dirt. i originally got them to hide my puny 13" tires. so now they hide my puny 14" tires :p eh, i just like how they look. they make the back look a little wider IMO...

ignore the mugen lic. frame. it now says :D
Gabe your CRX looks good. I will have some pics of my new CRX up in a day or two.
Very nice look sol and rex, I have to get some pics of my and put them up.
primer grey owns.

rixXxceboy, everytime I see your CRX it makes me wanna drive to Tampa and steal it. J/K, it's nice though.
she's baaaaack!!! and her rex ooooowns mine nice :worthy: welcome back, Trinity :)

Thanks you guys for the props on my rex! :D
BTW, Trugerrio, im not in Tampa, im in socal :p
Too bad you had to BUY it like that...

Building your own ride OWNZ.

Also, that pic you sent everyone back in the day, of you flashing the camera, Trin... That either was NOT you, or you've been snacking on some Hostess goodies for a year or two while sitting around at the junk yards...