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Its the same quetion, but from a diffrent person. A 93 sol S AUTOMATIC(yeah it does hurt). What to do. I am thinking mini me swap, build the bottom end, and maybe go turbo. However, I am positive that the tranny will take a shit, and I have heard bad things about level ten. And so come the option of a compleate swap, but i have yet to speak to anyone who and swaped out an auto to manual and be content of quality. Help me out PLEAZE

If they weren't happy with it they did a bad job.If it is done right you shouldn't be able to tell it was done.I've never done the conversion myself,but have seen the results and they were fine.
Mine was converted to manual- and the only issue I had with it was the reverse lights not being hooked up for a month. Everything else was perfect- you can't tell that the car used to be an automatic. I didn't perform the conversion myself though, so I can't really give you details about it.

who did yor swap? If it was intercrew, i was wondering if you could findout what happen with the civic truck. thanx

Yes, Intercrew did my swap. You can see pics on my page.. it's linked in my signature.

The CRX truck is still in existence- it's actually owned by Ashley, and it's getting a B20 turbo along with some body/paint refreshers. That was the plan as of Import Expo, at least.
Its gettign a b20? what happen to the orgininal engine that was swapped in? The one with the Greddy turbo. If its for sale, can you give me a number?

hehe original; swaped in
Their site is always going up and down on its own... call them for info on it if you're interested in buying: 214-575-6288