Distributor help

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Ok well I narrowed my car not starting problem down to the car not having any spark. So I wanted to start with the cap and rotor and found out the screws are rusted and stripped to shit, so I have to remove and reinstall a new distributor. So does anyone have a way to remove the screw holding the rotor and the screw that connects to the coil, if not can anyone guide me through an install on the distributor. And all I know is it's a 1993 del sol with a d16 z6 and it's my fiance's who's currently deployed. So if anyone can help me that would be awsome. Thanks guys
if your going to just get a whole new distributor, there just 3 bolts holding it no screws
if you're feeling up to it, get a hold of some penetrating lubricant to help free up the rusted screws. then pick a torx socket (T15,T20 ect.) that is slightly smaller that the head of the screw, now using a drill bit that is slightly smaller than the torx bit you've chosen, drill the head of the screw [center punch the head of the screw first : ) ],drill it to the point when you can tap the torx socket into the screw, at this point you should be able to just remove the stripped screw using the torx socket. but if the head of the phillips screw is still somewhat intact, use an impact screwdriver(it has exchangable bits and you tap the back of it with a hammer while keeping counter-clockwise pressure on the screw you are trying to remove). :mellow: