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Are the 97 gsr distributor & 97 itr dist. interchangeable?
i thought so but i was not sure,i am installing b18c7 into 96 ex coupe,
i am going to use tranny,alternator,distributor,a/c copressor,throtle body
& p/s pump off 97 jdm b18c sir-g. all i have is b18c7 australian itr motor
with flywheel & intake manifold on it only.
In the US Spec engines, you can interchage the distributors. I would imagine that this would hold true for any B18C out there.
i have not done any thing yet,busy with x-mas stuff .i am planning to
mess with high voltage problem then swap the jdm b18c sir with b18c7
after the holiday.i do not think there is anything missing from swap.
Everything on sir-g should swap over.
thanx for the suppot, i will post any problems that will arise.
marry x-mas to all members, visitor & staff @ hondaswap. :)