DOHC ZC Timing Belt Issue

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I have the correct belt. 14400-PK2-004. Timing is spot on. Purrs when running. My issue is with the close tolerance between the belt and the motor mount at the tensioner pulley. The last thing I want is for the belt to be shot to shit for coming into contact with the mount. What I need is a belt with one less tooth. Anyone have any info?
the DOHC ZC timing belt has 124 teeth - if you want a belt with 123 teeth, you need one for the 92-93 Mitsubishi Expo Mini-van - same width and same tooth spacing as the ZC belt but has 123 teeth instead of 124 teeth - we have used the Expo belt on the ZC with no problems

just so that you know the Expo belt is correct, this is the NAPA belt for the 88 Prelude 2.0 Si which is the same belt as the DOHC ZC

this is the belt for the 92-93 Expo
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Thank you, thank you THANK YOU!!! :thankyousigna2: I stopped short of sending you a PM, for fear of aggravating you. Now I can get tags on this bitch and drive it!
Hello, I'm trying to locate a timing belt/waterpump for my 89 cr-x Si EF7...ZC dohc..
any pointers on where to look? Thanks!