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Hey can someone tell me where they practice drifting it sounds madd fun to get into but i dont know any places to goto so i can do it
well unless you have a rwd car, it is pretty hard. If you have a fwd car, you can a. do e-brake in snowy empty parking lots (without street lights other wise your car is going to look like this


or option b. get a really stiff ass suspention set up and put some shitty ass small tires on the back with sticky tires of front

drifting in a sol

For both, you have to do it in a big parking lot.
OUCH!! That'll leave a mark!

about the only way to drift in a FWD is to beef up the rear susp (shocks, sway bar, 500lbs+ spring rate springs, tower bar, and 13" wheels with lots of air squeezed in) and leave the front pretty stock with sticky, sticky competition, autox tires on front. With a good head of steam turn hard left/right while staying in the throttle and applying a little left foot braking.

In order to really drift and not just slide sidesides for a second you need to play with the throttle (called feathering) to keep the rear end out. The link above is a great example for two reasons. 1) you can hear the driver fleathering the throttle to keep the drift going 2) you get an idea of just how big an area you need to practice.

Unless you have a friend that can get tickets fixed, I wouldn't suggest doing this unless you get waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy out of town in a VERY big parking lot.

Good luck!!
Get a 240sx or an AE86. Best starter drift cars and used frequently in competition. 300 would be kinda cool, except for the fact its heavy, hard to tune, its has a more advanced ATTESSA system to disable (4 wheel steering + drifting = picture above), and its horribly expensive to really tune a 300. But im not saying if i get in a 300zx at work, i dont try and drift it. You can't really drift well in a FWD car. Your not so much drifting as doing e-brake slides...A good drift can be held and linked through multiple turns. BUT I'm not saying dont do it, its still hillarious in a fwd car, i do it in my hatchbatch as a turning technique, just be ready for square rear tires.