Drug Offenses

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Hey guys.... I have one of the worst news ive ever gotten this afternoon. I woke up and went to work at 4:30am, as many of you know it smy new job, and when i came home i decided to take a nap. i had my phone on silent and forgot to turn it back on so anyway after i woke up i saw a missed call. it was my mom. i called my mom back and she started balling.

through her stutters and sobs she said my dad was going to be sent back to prison. in 1992 he offered to pick up a large quantity of opimum. he was offered $100k, which is a significant amount of money to someone whose only been here for 7 years and had no job at the time. anyway, he was caught and sent to prison for 5 years. throught my childhood my dad was gone for 1/2 of it. he was released in 97 and we all thought that was behind us. well obviously not.

now before anyone gives me any bullshit, the opimum was not to be sold to anyone out of the Mien community. tragically, opimum is an enormous problem throught Asia which has infected almost all parts of it. well this means alot of people were and are addicted to it. coming to the u.s. many brought over the habit and needed a way to get supply. it is a huge thing in the mienh community and its very tight knit. they refuse to sell or acknowledge they have it except to another mien person because fear of this consequence. the good thing is its dying out among us along with the old who have been on dependent for so long. its great that no one long has/access to be on that fucking shit.

my dad paid hes dues and spent 5 yrs in prisions. hes not one of those asian guys with tatooes and or whatever stereotype there is. hes actually very quiet and intelligent. hes got a few certifictiaons in prision in plumbing, automotives, etc. just made a terrible judgement. no excuses. hes never ever done anything except this. never got a speeding tight; never owned a firearm except air rifles; and has been working almost non stop since his release, at some point trying to hold down as many as 3 jobs at a time.

anyway, i was wondering if any of you had experiences, info, and stuff like that about how to go about this. if he does lose this trial there is almost 100% he is going to get deported.

thanks for reading and understanding.
Unfortunatly I cannot sympathize af far as having experience with prison time for drug offences, but the penalities in the US are often inflated beyond reason
this shitty part is no one is going to care what its for. Bad shit happens to good people but at the same time he knew the risk he was taking. I wish him the best of luck


wtf ?!?!?!?!?!?!?
so he didnt do anything????? they are just telling him he has to go back??????
get a decent lawyer.... thats flat out bullshit... and its not legal to charge someone twice for the same crime... no way in hell will it hold up
Originally posted by endlesszeal@Sep 6 2005, 03:38 PM
they just sent him a letter saying he has to go back after 8 years of being release and 13 years after the incident.
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Huh? Sounds like some sort of double jeopardy violation. I can't see why he'd be sent back to prison for time already served. Is he being charged with a different crime? That's the only way he can be tried or jailed again.

EDIT: E beat me to it. :p
Yeah, if he was released, I don't see why they could just send him back X number of years later. Unless they brought new charges against him.
the details are shaky, but i know that hes was charged with drug trafficing and served 5 years. i dont know if they ever reached a conclusion on his sentence, but wanted to deport him.

hes hasnt done thing and has not violated paroll. i think my mom said that because hes a resident alien they just want to get rid of him by deportation.

Bob Vila

that doesn't sound right as it sounds like its double jeopardy. And no one will send you a letter in the mail saying you have to go back to jail. Its not like monopoly dood. I'd call a lawyer and find out with the deal is.
Originally posted by Bob Vila@Sep 6 2005, 06:02 PM
damnit, treed. I left the page open too long
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JDM drugs, yo...

He should have been importing jdm parts and cars.. There was (and still is, kinda) a gigantic market for that stuff... And its legal.

He must be charged with something else.. a new charge of some sort.
Your father can't be charged with the same crime twice. Double Jeopardy. Unless, they have confronted the jury/judge/court with NEW evidence.


Originally posted by Harms Way@Sep 6 2005, 08:03 PM
Your father can't be charged with the same crime twice. Double Jeopardy. Unless, they have confronted the jury/judge/court with NEW evidence.
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New evidence is irrelevant. He cannot be charged with the same crime twice once he has been convicted, served and been released from his first trial. Especially if he hasn't done anything wrong recently.

I'm with everyone else; I think it's time he grabs himself a lawyer.
Yes, double jeopardy is in effect if he has already SERVED time for the crime. If they find new evidence in regards to his first occasion, then all bets are off - It's time to get a lawyer.

OF course, it was always time to get a lawyer. Moving Opium... sheesh.
I'll send you $40 if he goes back to prison.
They can't send him back, but for reference, what state is this happening in?
Bush just wants to make it look like he is ridding the us of 'aliens', starting with people who deserve to be here, and later he might consider sweeping out the 1.3million non legal 'aliens' here in Az. but i'm not holding my breath :)
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I wish you guys the best luck, but i am 94% sure they won't try him again, or send him anywhere.
you would need to file a greavance with the state. We had a similar incident up here with some foreigners from a middle eastern ish country where they had come over visa expired and us immigration wanted to deport them. Trial set and the first verdict was that they were to be deported.With support from the community they were able to get them extended as aliens and in 5 more years would need to become citizens which was their wish. Read up this kind of thing happens all the time . If they really were going to deport him i would have assumed they would have done it in the first place rather than having him serve his sentance then deport him . her would have been left the cambodian government or your mein people which would crucify him. I know only to well what you are facing and have heard some weird stories when people get deported back !