DX to Si Conversion

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West West Yall
I have a good 88-91 DX D15B2 head and a D16A6 head that broke a valve.

What is all needed to convert the DX head to a Si head. I think the only difference is the cam.

Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Thanks, Brad
I think the main difference is the cam but honestly its not really worth even swapping over. the main difference that made the a6 faster than the b2 was that the a6 was mpfi and the b2 was dpfi. since you'll be using the mpfi im from the a6 on the b2 head i doubt if you'll notice it bein slower. but i mean if you'd rather use the a6 cam and you don't mind taking the heads apart then by all means do it.
I fully understand how the MPFI is a lot faster than DPFI.

I don't have a DPFI car, my dad doesn't have one either, we both have Si's.:).

I just have a good DX head laying around and they're so lame so I was wondering of I could "make" a Si head with the broken Si head I have.

I don't see the ports or valves or anything like that being different.
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the DX and Si heads are identical except for the camshaft - put the Si cam in the DX head and you have an Si head