Dx To Si Dist. Conv.?

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anyone know how to swap an 88 dx hatch distributor wireing harness to an si distributor wireing harness for a mini-me swap thanks in advance
yes i have done the dpfi to mpfi already everything is wired up and i thought i could use the dx distributor but word on the web says i can't cause it don't have the crank angle sensor, so i need that to wire it up
you need the hf or si distributer. i had the same problem. just make sure you keep the pm6 ECU.
i have the stock ecu but the instructions that i got were for an 88-91 si ecu or and 88-89 integra (pg7) ecu so i bought the integra ecu, i also heard it runs a little rich so hopefully i can tune that down with the fuel pressure regulator, also did u have to advance/retard your timing at all?
Use the pm6. The pg7 will run very rich, atleast it did on my car. Ask anyone who was behind me on at the Hondaswap meet this past summer.