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Loser won't send me my engine

When can I sue this bastard? I bought it on September 29th, have all the receipts saying I paid him. When I asked him q's before I bought it, he was very thorough and detailed. Now it's like " be back with u shortly thx joe" I paid 350.00 for it, and I already started ordering the other parts I need to swap it. I have emailed him multiple times, he keeps saying he is going to ship it via UPS.Loser won't send me my head!

You had one too many /'s in your link- I fixed it. -Calesta
thats lame man. i would do one of those threatening emails. Like I'm tired of you beating around the bush. If you blow me off on this email, I will be forced to seek legal action against you. blahblahbalbh.. see if that doesnt get his ass into gear
"Joseph Bacon II,

I bought a D16Z6 Civic Si head (Item # 1863914839) from you on September 29, 2002. You were paid via Paypal the next day, the transaction went through on October 1, 2002. I have been patient with you, only to receive numerous e-mails stating that "you will be back with me shortly." You now have an ultimatum : Ship the item via UPS complete with tracking number that I requested and you agreed to by OCTOBER 18th, 2002 or refund me the FULL amount that I paid (359.71 USD.) I have statements saying I won the auction, paid you in full, and still have all of our e-mails on file. Failure to comply with any/all of these terms will result in legal actions. Thank you for your time and have a nice day.

Nick Nordness"

This was the letter wrote to him today....0wn3d!

He lives in Cali, anyone close to the (402) area code and wanna make a few "errands" for me?
i didnt see that...
g2performance(54) Aug-07-02 06:00:59 PDT 1837022041 S
Complaint : Didn't receive product. Bad customer service,rarely returned emails. Awful!!

this is a big flag
Well, he's got a big flag now--err should I say problem...he e-mailed me back telling me to calm down. He said there is no reason to take legal action, and that he already sent me the head and will give me the tracking number. This eBayer must be snorting crack...