ecu for b20/vtec

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92GSR B20

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hi i have a b20 block with a b16 head on my da9 it had a p75 but i know that the p75 is non vtec so i was asking is a p72 would work fine or would i need to get a p28?
p28 is the best choice, chipped with a map that supports your modifications. a STOCK p28 should not be used as the fuel maps are far too lean (designed for d16z6)

p30 has knock control, which the b20 block doesn't have provisions for.
p72 has iab control + knock, and are almost always more expensive, so why bother?
go for P28 with Hondata S300

Hondata's a bit overkill depending on how built his engine is. If it's fairly stockish and he plans on keeping it that way, then a chipped P28 with a simple tune for a stockish B20/VTEC should work fine.

OP, for some swaps and hybrid builds you can find a stock ECU that will be close enough, but for this setup you really need a chipped P28...
What base map should I get if I choose to go with HA Motorsports socketed and chipped P28 ODB1 VTEC ecu ? They give choices for : P28 D16Z6, P73 B18C-R , P30 B16A, P61 B17A, P72 B18C1. Also with whatever ecu suggested will they know when put when the VTEC should kick in ? It seems they don't provide a choice, I'm not sure; but I was looking at Phearables chipped OBD1 VTEC ecu and it gives you the choices to adjust map sensor, rpm rev. Limit and VTEC engangent point. But I think they all are set to 5500 rpm. I have a pretty much stock set up 2000 B20 crv block and 2000 B16 head and I got the VTEC solenoid connected. Who should I got with Phearables ecu or HA Motorsports ?
There is nothing 'stock' that mimics the crvtec set up.
use a p28 if you don't care about knock control as the core to socket.
p30 if you do.

and an itr map should be the safest as it will fuel more than the others, slightly.

at the end of the day, you need to visit a dyno and a tuner.
Would I need knock control ? The ecu's I'm looking at like bypass it they are disabled. Also would the sleeves and rods hold up with daily driving ? Long as I'm Not pushing the car too hard. Any shops to recommend for ecu chip tunning ?
Also if I get the integra type r map will it be ok ? Should I just go with HA Motorsports socketed and chipped P28 ecu ? If I do decide to go ahead and use theirs, you said to use P73 B18C-R map. That's the itr map right ? I was told also if I go with the itr map that I will need a a jumper harness. What is it OBD2a to OBD1 ?
You don't have to have knock control in your ECU after your tune if you tune everything properly to eliminate knock... but a knock sensor and the ability to compensate for it on the fly are both a VERY good thing. FYI, I never ran a knock sensor on my builds- they were all OBD1.
Thanks a lot that really helps. Also if I was to get the p28 ecu but a p30 base map would that be alright ? Or could I go with p72 b18c1 or p73 b18c1-R base maps ? And if I used either of the p72 or p73 would I need a conversion harness from obd2 to obd1 technically if its still the p28 ecu but just the map for p72 or p73 that your using ?
no harness needed. the map is on a chip that sits on the obd1 ecu. there is no obd conversion happening at all.

remember the idea of a basemap is to get your car running, and to putt-putt drive it to a tuner. it is not designed to be driven on permanently.
So which base map should I go with to get in running safely before I get the chip reprogrammed ?