Ecu Identification

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:blink: Someone Please Help!!
I have purchased a JDM B16 OBD0, I recieved an ECU with it,
the part number on it is 37820-PR3-901
I have a cable clutch, and standard trans.
Was I supplied with the correct ecu, or is this ecu for an automatic vehicle??????
If anyone can tell me where to find this info I would really appreciate it.
Thanks in Advance.
except its for an automatic yO.

jdm pr3's that end in 900 and 901 are automatic according to allmotormonster

and i trust him.. he knows his shit
you just got it.
i'm telling you that a jdm pr3 that ends with 900 or 901 is an automatic ecu

hook it up and see code 19 fly if you really want to.