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i got a 92 civic si hatch ...i'm swapping in a 99 si b16a2 motor ... i was wondering if anyone know how much a chip would be for my p28 ecu?
Chip prices will vary....if you get on Ebay there are a ton of possibilities out there: Skunk, Mugen, Spoon, etc. Usually they run about 20-50 shipped but you need to keep in mind that these aren't actual name brand chips-they're most likey knockoffs so if you want to have the Spoon name on your chip you should buy from Spoon but you will pay alot more.

Also keep in mind that once you do get the chip you have to have it installed and unless your good with electronics don't try it yourself or you'll be out a chip and have a messed up ECU. I had my brother chip my p28 and he's an electrical engineer and said it was still a tough job....if you can take it to any sort of electronics repair shop and usually for a minimal fee they can do it.

Hope this helps....

Actaully, you might want a P2T instead of a P28. The P28 is OBD1, and the B16A2 is OBD2, so wiring will be REAL fun. Anyways, the chips on ebay make your car run REALLY rich, I would reccomend saving up for a real ECU program. (Skunk2, Mugen, Spoon, Hondata, AEM EMS, etc.)
hey nimblecivic, you were the one trying to get a b16a in a 5th gen right? Did you ever finish?

Check my latest post at the on the page....It's goin' slow because I'm working outside and it's colder than hell here, but I've about wrapped it up...

I just wish everyone would give me advice instead of how bad of an idea they think it is.......

you can chip it from for like under 60 bucks i think

but it is ghey and you are going to run hella rich and be using the wrong ECU. enjoy. i wasted a shitload of money on 'chips' and ended up going with hondata
save money now.