ek coupe rear disc conversion

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just got done with a rear disc conversion on my 98 civic ex - now i'm having a problem with my tires rubbing on the wheel wells... i have skunk2 coilovers and have since adjusted them all the way up and still getting the same problem... the trailing arms are off of an integra that had abs... wondering if this could be the cause of the problem - it seems like the hub assembly is deeper because of the "worthless abs sensor ring slotted thingy" or whatever the dumb technical term for it is... is it possible to swap hub assemblies to one that is for a non-abs integra or is this not the problem at all and i'm looking past something else... kinda getting sick of adjusting the suspension so that my car looks like i'm going to participate in the wrc... any help is much appreciated :blink:

i know i need to have an alignment done but it doesn't appear as though an alignment is going to fix the problem - the toe, caster, and camber look to be pretty close - the whole tire is out about a 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch from where it was before on both sides... there isn't really any adjustment that i know of that will shorten the wheel base in the rear...:huh: i'll mess with the alignment tomorrow but was just wondering if there is a difference in the depth of the rear hub assy. between a teg with abs and one without...
where exactly are the tires rubbing? ie- on the inside/outside edge of the tires/wheelwells? Without seeing any pics it sounds like you're too low but if you have the coils all the way up then you should have plenty of clearance...
The ITRs supposedly have a slightly wider track but I'm still not sure exactly where that comes from (trailing arms/hubs/etc), if your trailing arms came off an ITR that could possibly push your rear wheels outward a hair(??)
or if you're using DA chassis teg or EF chassis civic lower control arms I believe they are slightly shorter than EG/EK/DC/etc arms so that would pull your rear wheels inward too far.

dunno if any of this helps at all ?
well... i had my alignment done today - the back was a bit off - but not too bad... tires aren't rubbing anymore but i still don't like how it sits.... the tires were rubbing on the quarter panel lip that bends towards the inside of the wheel well... so to answer that question it would be rubbing on the outside edge... i have absolutely no idea what car these trailing arms came off of - a buddy of mine is looking into a set of rear hubs from a del sol at a local junkyard (well... local to him... not to me...) i may just try and change out the hubs and see if that works....
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take pictures.
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also if you get some time and you're bored, see if you can find out exactly what car the stuff came off of and if you can get measurements (lengths between centerline of mounting points, differences in thicknesses, etc) on all the parts ie- hubs, trailing arms, upper/lower control arms, toe links, etc. That way you can compare your old stuff to the new stuff and see exactly where the difference is.

without pics I have no idea how far the wheels are out, but if I were you I'd just roll the fender lips and keep the wider track B)