engine removal

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Yeah I'd be pretty angry if 5 quarters leaked into my trunk! Whenever I remove a motor, I make sure I drain all the fluids! I know you can't get everything, but you can get a majority of the oil that could potentially get everywhere! I have some nice dark oil spots in my garage when I didn't!
Hmm..... Last time i remember i wanted to pull my d-series motor, and i had no cherry picker, and didn't want to drop a nice new motor on the ground..... I um..... um...... decided not to do it.
You can put a tire on the ground and set the engine on it. It wont hit the floor.
k, the reason i cant get a cherry picker is because i live in hawaii, and trust me, no places rent those things out...also, i cant seem to get my car high enough off the ground, so that the engine would clear out the bottom...thanks for replys, i might use the tire one if worse comes to worse...
yea i had a friend that pulled his motor w/o a cherry picker. They had like a thick ass pole that they put perpendicular to the car. They had some of the pole sticking over the left side and sticking over the right.. then they had a chain connected to the pole and bolted to the engine. One guy grabbed the left side and another grabbed the right, and on 3, they lifted it out. it can be done.