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Hello guys,
I doing the same thing... Im swapping and F22 for a H22, well Im getting everything together so I can do this job... What about the cluth does anyone have any info on that? which cluth do I buy? is for a prelude or accord? What about the engine mounts are they the same? Or do I have to weld new one motor mounts? Can I use the accord tranny if I choose to, or do I do need a prelude tranny too? I rather keep the accord one cuz I just rebuild it! Well what you guy think any opinion or seggestions on this...


Clutches and flywheels for 90-02 Accords and 92-01 Ludes are all interchangeable, as are the trannies.

What year Accord is it going into? If you're dropping into a 94-97 Accord, I know that you can use either set of mounts for the front, rear and tranny mounts. For the driver's side, you'll have to use the Prelude engine-side half of the mount and frankenstein it to the Accord chassis-side mount. It's the same or damn near the same for other gens of Accords.
Im sorry! I have a 91 Accord EX, with ported and polished head, headers and ram air intake, with additional shit, but I want more power Im topping out at 146mph. 1/4 mle 13.90's at 101mph. I need more... Oh yeah I forgot to mention about the 50 shot nitrous...

I think it'll still work just as easily. Check out http://www.h22a.org for some more info, like I said, I'm not sure of the specifics on that gen.

You know that if you swap a JDM H22 in there with a matching ECU, you'll have a fuel cut at around 115 mph that you'll have to get rid of, right?
The 90-93 are 3rd generation cars...
90-91 are the same body style and the 92-93 are the same too... the engines are the same but 92-93 came with the fuel cut off @115mph mine doesnt have that cuz its a 91...
I was thinking about using the same ecu. If it work, I dont know if its going to work. I dont know ayone with this swap completed... do you? or anyone in that case?
Sorry, I was getting mixed up with another thread.

Your current ECU will NOT work with the H22. Not only are the fuel maps all wrong, the rev limit is wrong as well as there being no VTEC control.

So, in this case, you will be stuck with a 115 mph fuel cut, unless you get a USDM engine and/or ECU.

I don't know anyone with a 4th gen swap completed, but look around the web, as well as that websiet I pointed out.
Thanks for the input...

What axles would I use or can I use the accord? And tranny I would like to use the accord's cuz it's rebiult... is it possible or no?

Use the Accord axles with the Prelude halfshaft.

Yes, you can use the Accord tranny. Although it'll have some pretty long gears for that H22.