F@$K The Police!

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Well, I just got a notice in the mail the other day from the state of Massachusetts about a past speeding ticket (from 4 months ago!)

Then, yesterday, the sent me a notice stating that because I have exceeded 7 surchargable events in a 3 year period, my liscense will be suspended for 60 days! All because of speeding tickets!! I have untill 11/14/2002. :tfg:

I just wanted to vent about that.
Assachusetts is ghey like that. I thought that it was 3 tickets and your license got suspended. Mass sucks to drive through. I do not think that any looks where they are going, especially in the center of Northhampton. My job moved to Mass and the 3 days I have been there so far I have almost been in 15 accidents. Just ranting about how much I hate working in a different state. Well I can't totally complain CT is full of a bunch of rubberneckers who cant drive in the rain.