F/S 87 CRX SI CT SCCA AutoX Project TD04 $5000 OBO

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Steve...to push these wheels....it not going to be a 1.5L....hehe
and this is going to work out perfectly.....

Today is the wifes birthday, and she want to go to the Nordic Lodge for dinner...and that's in RI,,,,,,hehe....

but $75 a person:(
You should start a new thread. That way when you get an idea of what motor you want, you can just continue on. Otherwise, some noob is gunna come in here and not read the rest of the thread and ask if he can trade you a 1974 Pinto for it.
yup...it's going to be the winter project.

The Z collection sale fell thru, but Hosmer will get get one hell of deal if Tom can make sure the tires on the trailer I have are good enough to get a yellow Z, a spare engine, and some tires up to his house. Might take along the bilstien suspension and take back some other stuff he might have laying around.

I sat in my CRX today, got bored, and tossed some different wheels on it, and thought about how I felt in it compared to the other cars I have, had, and want. And the wheels fit nearly perfectly...if I had flares and some mean style to back them up. Hosmers kit fit the bill perfectly.

As for an engine...it's still up for grabs. What ever I can trade a brown half built datsun for should suffice..... prolly something thats in the area of $3-4K's.....

yup you'll never look as good in those rusted up beaterbuckets as you do in that CRX.
I'll even toss in that manifold :ph34r:


you know you want it...D16 (bottom end) parts are cheap
i will like to know more about the car

hi how are you doing today cos i am intrested in getting you right okay so thati can know more about the full amounnt you are intrested in selling waiting to hear from you.......
this is my email address kelly_dbent@yahoo.com
Prolly wants to pay with a Cashiers Cheque. And will add additional money to keep you from selling it to someone else.

I told you some noob would come on here and want to buy it and you should start another thread. I just didn't expect it to this magnitude.
I see an inbox full of gay porn in the near future...