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What do you guys think about the F20A(90-93 Accord SiR engine)? I have the chance to get one instead of an H22 and I don't see too many cars with them, so I was thinking of doing it... you know... just out of individuality. It's for my 93 Accord, going with the theme and all. Does anyone know who has performance parts or where to find them? Let me know what you guys think about this engine. Thanks!!

Hi, i have an f20a fitted in my 99 lude as stock here in the uk i like the low down torque/135bhp, same problem seems to be after market parts like intake/exhaust [ perhaps accord guys can help ] U.S. lude sites not much help its all H22/v-tech, as a side note all 5g ludes in uk are 4ws which i am not keen on
Actually, I believe Skunk2 makes camshafts for the F20. They say F20B in their ads, but there probably isnt much of a difference. Now what I'dm thinking is will S2000 components fit it :huh: ? That has an F20C from what I've read, I'm wondering if they'll fit the F20A. Or what about F22 components? See, I wish there was a way to find out.

No, F20C parts will NOT fit it.

Most normal F and H series parts should, though. You just need to think about it...H22 cams won't work in it, since it's not VTEC (umm not v-tech) and F22 valvetrain parts won't work since it's DOHC....etc.

If you're not planning on boosting, I wouldn't swap that engine unless you can find it hella cheap.
So the F20A is an SOHC? How come on this site they say it's a DOHC? Obviously someone has their info minxed up. I won one over ebay for $370, it doesnt have the tranny or axles, but still, that's cheap. I told the guy I'm apprehensive about buying it because the pictures show an SOHC engine and this site has it's a DOHC. He has a picture of the stamp showing the F20A serial number, but I couldn't be sure if he was showing an F22A6 and then the serial number for the Si engine. I'm going to include a link to the auction, so you guys can check it out. But who's right???? Thanks!


Accord SiR Engine
Personally I wouldn't have even bid on that. No where in the auction does it say DOHC. And the pics are all SOHC.
If it really has only 35k miles on it and comes with an ECU, I might say it was a good deal to replace a stock engine out of a 93 that probably has well over 100k on it.

I couldn't find anywhere in the auction that says it comes with an ECU. Does it?
thats a sohc engine that came stock on accords 93and up. i thinks the dual cam was the f20b sir that cam in accords and there totally different one is sohc slow the other is dohc and fast. dont expect performance out of that sohc motor its ratings are the same as a f22a motor.that sucks bro u got jipped ps and that isnt just a jap model either ive seen that on several u.s. model accords, acutally its quite common.
Originally posted by RENR@Jan 27 2003, 03:03 PM
thats a sohc engine that came stock on accords 93and up.

No, the F22A1 came in 90-93 Accords, while the F22B1 came in 94-97 Accord EX's and the F22B2 came in the Accord DX's, LX's and SE's.

I don't believe the F20A ever made it to the States, since all engines shipped here have trailing numerals (F22B1, H22A4, etc.). If I'm wrong about that, please let me know which Accords it came in here. I do think he got a japanese-spec engine, just a somewhat crappy one when it comes to performance.
F20A and the F22A's specs are different. The F20A has something like 20 or something hp more and more torque. I don't know if i comes with an ECU, should I even trust this guy on the engine? Something seems wrong to me. I should've gone with an H22, but I waned something unique. I suppose if it doesnt work out, I could always sell it again. I mainly got it to work on as a project while me F22 is still in my car. I figured something like that would be pretty interesting to have in a 93 Accord. And like you gys said, I can always use F and H series components for it. Just let me know if you guys think he's shady and I'll tell him to get lost.

I don't think he's necessarily shady, but I think you probably should've researched the engine a little more before you bought it. That's not always easy, though, when buying on Ebay.

I think you're getting a J-spec engine, but it sucks that it's not coming with a matching ECU. It looks more powerful than a standard F22A1, but I'm not sure how they do it, unless it's got higher compression or more aggressive cams, since it's got two tenths of a liter less displacement.

At least ask him to verify the power numbers, and HOW it's making that power. Compression ratio, cam specs, etc.
Ask him if it runs! He doesn't say that the engine runs. And he doesn't have a startup garauntee.
hey dohcvtec i know for sure that that motor came on SOME us model accords f20a the sohc motor anyways, ive seen them with my own two eyes and not off some chart on the net. now i know the dohc motor didnt AT ALL. f20a sohc has about the same ratings as the f22a. the one with more power is the dohc motor!! and that engine is only a 2liter. i wouldnt get it if i were u.
check out this link, compare the sohc and dohc models f20
Uhhh... no... the F20A was never used in any USDM Accords. I know that for a fact, which is why I got it. But now it might be more of a hassle then it's worth. It def. has more hp then the F22... but I don't know if I feel like putting up with the same hassle I put up with the F22.. i.e. no performance products. I can't find any aftermarket cams for the F22 anywhere. :angry:

yes it was!! like i said ive seen them with my own two eyes!! well u dont have to beleive me if u dont want. the jap f20a is the dohc model that was not available in the us. thats the one with 150hp that came in sir accords, thats the one u want not the sohc pos. and cams are availablecams check them out. didnt u click on the link i just posted earlier, its listed right there as a us model. peace im outs!
Yo, you posted that link, and you didn't read it? The 2.0L ONLY came in Europe and Japan. Your link says so! :eek:

I've said it before, as has Akira93Accord....unless you imported a car with it, or dropped it into your USDM Accord, the F20A never made it to the States. Can we quit posting BS now?
Heheheh.. yall.. !!!

ya gotta listen to me.. I have this engine in my lude.. F20A.. it's JDM accord Si engine.. 150hp and 137tq...

it's SOHC.... i have prelude S model.. but when I bought it.. it has already been swapped into F20A... I personally like my lude with F20A so much... among the accord and prelude S... i am the king.. and i sometimes walked my friend's Si prelude.. (don't understand why!)...

so ask me if you wanna know more about this engine...
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