95 Si' H23a1 replacement w JDM F22B DOHC OBD1

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Hey guys, I've probably searched dozens of threads and still cant seem to get an answer for my questions.

-I originally was going to take a loss and throw in an F22B SOHC Non V-Tec and an MPT3 Accord DX transmission, and it seems to be a little simpler of a swap, but I came across the DOHC and I'm currently invested.

-With that being said: I'm fairly new to H/F Series, most of my experience is with D/B I have a decent amount of automotive experience and knowledge so you don't have to make things simple for me.

A) If I was to swap the F22B in, what would I need to do to run the manifold that came with it/ Will my current manifold work? and what would a decent fuel rail replacement be?

B) I've seen that I can use my H23's ECU already, but I would need to add the knock sensor on the F22...I cant find information on HOW to do that, what's it take, where's it go?

C) Will the exhaust manifold that comes on the F22B bolt to my downpipe and such already on my lude?

D) Is there anything with the harness, or wiring that I need to worry about?

E) What belts do I need, and where can I find them?

-I should probably throw in that I will NOT be running AC and PS, PS is pretty much fully removed already.

-PSA: I know its much easier to drop in another H as a direct replacement, and I know that there's better swaps to do than the F22B, I'm doing this to be unique, the very slight performance benefit, and the reliability. Please don't fill the thread with pointless comments about other swaps, I promise I've already thought about it.

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