F22 Turbo To H22 Turbo

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I am faced with a hard decision here! I would like to have a h22 swaped in my car and have it be built... but to do this i and have this motor fully built i would need to sell the turbo of my accord which seems to be a hard task because no one has money! The other options is to get a stock h22 and change my manifold over to accept the turbo... however this would leave me no money to build up the motor! And as for the f22 i smoked the motor i think and this is my second motor ive had in the accord and i rather not have to mess around with the pos accord motors... besides they dont seem to be boost friendly to at least me anyways! What would you suggest i due? and how would the h22 respond to the turbo having stock internals
the turbo is a t3/t4 turbonetics with the works!
first off the accord motor isn't a pos u probably just burned it up by keeping your foot in the gas tank:). the h22 is a better motor but to put a turbo on it depending on what kinda power u want to get out of it u need to have the engine work done properly & professionally if u want it to last. & the h is not really a good motor to turbo because it's an n/a motor so when u start adding turbos & superchargers that's when u start having problems. so i u want to turbo and keep the internals stock u will see gains if it's done right but don't be expecting to put out 350whp on 15 lbs and and keep your motor running for very long. it sounds to me like money is an issue & this is your daily car, so i would keep that in mind when undertaking this project. it will be somewhat expensive but if u want it to last u might as well spend the money & do it right the first time because a half ass job is going to end up costing u more than u would have spent if it was done rite the 1st time. i know because i just did an h-swap into my 91 accord. i'll be adding the turbo later this year but i'm using skunk2 stage 2 cams & valve springs but this will be a daily driver w/ ac & p.s.. my goal is about 300 whp and that's it. these n/a engines get real expensive when u try to get higher power from them than that because they're not made to take that kind of beating. however, my evo is going to b 1 bad m er f er:mad:
F22 to H22

The H22 is a great engine. The weak spot for higher boost (9 or 10 psi plus) is the ring lands on the pistons. If you keep it at 9-10 psi or so and have your air/fuel dialed in (11-11.5 a/f ratio) under boost, with good timing settings, you should be fine. The engine has good torque and is a great street engine that doesn't require a lot of shifting to stay in a decent power range. The H will make between 270-320 whp at the 9-10 psi boost level, depending on your setup and tuning.
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Wow, the last time he posted was over 3 years ago. I wonder if he still has that same car- probably not.