F22a1 To H22 Mounts

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I was wondering if the mounts that come with the 1992 s type prelude will fit the h22 motor instead of having to buy different ones?
Yes, for the most part. I'm not sure on the driver's side mount. I know that I had to frankenstein that mount to put an H22 into my F-series Accord chassis. I used the Prelude engine-side mount with the Accord chassis-side mount. But the Prelude chassis may be set up to accommodate either one.
yes they all fit in the type s but u will need a drivers side mount from a h23 or a h22 to bolt it in the f22 mount is narrower and the bolts that go to the engine are closer togher then those on the h23 or h22 you will need to use the a/c bracket fromm the f22 and then u will need the h23 alternator mount that goes on the engine and you will need the h22 power steering bracket other then that it is pretty straight foward
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