first steps to handling

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ok, from a base model car, what should be my first steps into turning a street bound civic hatch into a corner carving demon that feels like its on rails?
For a street setup, I would go with lowering springs, you don't need to spend 1500+ on Tein or JIC's. IMO Eibach Sportline Springs are pretty comfortable, and cost around 200.00, Skunk2 Coilovers aren't much more, tho.
Originally posted by asmallsol@Dec 22 2002, 11:44 PM
sway bars, springs, shocks (real coil overs are better but more) straut tower bars.

lightweight rims (15x7) and good tires
youd be suprised lol i see to many people running around on 30lb rims to just assume that people know to get lightweight rims :)