Ichigo's first CRX! ^_^

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I know these comments are late, and I don't care...

Did you ask the previous owner if the retard that drilled the rear lip owned a tape measure?

I liked the primer yellow.

Nice job getting the rear interior back in.
im selling it for 600 so i can get rid of it. if no one comes to get it its not gonna live on with another owner, because it will be going to the junkyard. the place im storing it is only temporary, so it really has to go or be fixed
@ cjvictoria I'll definitely be willing to travel to sc for your Rex! 600$ isn't bad at all can I pm you for more details?
Was not sure if I should start a new thread or continue in this one. I will probably start a new one. So I finally came back from my trainings and what not. I've start to get ready for the wedding and what not. I got my own place and blah blah blah.

Being that I love my soon to be wife and step daughter very much I needed a backseat...

So I traded my rex for a stock 1997 Honda Civic EX that has a dent in the side.






The Guy had a roof rack on it before we traded and after we traded I didn't notice it wasn't on it, its not important. I can now take my loved ones around.

I still have my rims, my system, I traded my turbo for a set of Skunk 2 lowering springs and I'm not going to cut these. I DO NOT want this car as low as the REX was. I loved it... but it was annoying at times.

He basically did a whole tune-up on the car, I just have to (buy and) put the belts on for the A/C and P/S. Heat works amazing (and I love it).:D:p:cool:

My plans for it, (after the wedding). I/H/E, lower it, slap the rims on, Window Tint, HIDs, Fix the dent at some point, and maybe a few other things. :D
Realistically speaking, I'm not trying to really "Build" this car or win car shows.

I do like this car but I'm just not used to the stock feeling.^_^
Like I'm not used to the "looseness" of the shifter, the touchiness of the brakes, weak clutch, or the super stiffness of the rex. :p
the clutch might not be "weak"...its just different going from cable to hydraulic...trust me,i had a hell of a time with it when i went from owning 2 rexs, a da and an ef hatch, to my eg. its a whole new feeling.

but the car looks good man.
True, I would think it could also help going from a aftermarket clutch to a stock one. There is a few little things here and there but im pretty happy overall. I wonder if anyone is selling a short ram intake? Also would I just try and hook that one sensor to the short ram intake and I could put a mini air filter on the valve cover for a breather. This could work, Right?