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LsVtec I what do you think is the best combonation of parts in building an ls/vtec? I already have a b18a block. And what is involved in doing this? How much about would this run me price wise? I was looking at gettin an lsd tranny, and a kit so I could use it on my 1991 Teg
We have a great list of parts in our FAQ. I am working on a comprehensive how to as I rebuild my engine. For the parts list hit our FAQ, then post any specific questions you have. Both Calesta and 2 litre EG are running B series VTEC conversions as well, they are both great references (both of them have more experience than I do). I built mine for about $2500 the first go around. That did not include a new tranny. I would say that is about the least you can expect to spend on this build and have it run well. You can get cable trannys with LSDs, but they are rare.

My first build consisted of:
ARP head bolts
B16 Pistons
B16 head
ITR Cams
ITR Oil and Water Pumps
new rods bearings
Total Seal Rings
GSR timing belt
and a homemade VTEC oil line. (A friend had some braided line left from his build so I bought it off of him)
ITR Clutch and PP
new throughout bearing and pilot bearing

and that is all that comes to mind. I would look at this list as a minimum rather than an ideal build.
What since I have the block already what kinds of things do I need to do to it to make it ready for a vtec head? Such as relocating a knock sensor and things of that nature? Is there a site that has directions on doing this?
I don't think your car has a knock sensor, but I can't remember if the 90-91 tegs came with one. If you already have one, you shouldn't need to do anything with it. If not you will need one if you run an ECU that looks for one. The block requires next to no prep beyond the parts that you are replacing for the VTEC head. You will have to run an oil T so you can provide oil to the VTEC oil gallery. There are several site out there that explain what needs to be done. I don't know of any off the top of my head, try google.