IN For Sale: 2000Si's 2000 Si

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Thank you for your business.
The time has come to part ways with the Si. I could use the money, and I simply don't need it anymore. I figured I'd offer it to you guys first before trying to sell it to someone I don't know or trust.

Vehicle is a 2000 model year Flamenco Black Pearl Si with the stock b16a2 and stock S4C 5 speed transmission.
Mileage: 99,307
Local Pick Up Only, please. I will not drive it out anywhere.
Clean title, in hand, in my name with no Liens. VIN can be given if you'd like to carfax it yourself.

Factory stuff: Cruise, tilt steering, moonroof, Honda factory spoiler, Power locks, AC, factory front bumper lips and sides, working fog lamps in factory places, etc. Has two remotes and two keys.

I've owned this car since Sept 2003, I do smoke but I will clean it out completely top to bottom if it sells to anyone on here. I don't want any trades for it. Just cash or a check.

~ Injen CAI cut to a short ram (didn't like the filter being near puddles)
~ DC Sports 4-1 Header
~ A'pexi WSII full catback exhaust
~ Goodyear tires on stock Si Rims
~ Brembo Blank rotors and Hawk pads
~ No name brand rear upper strut brace

Mods included but not installed:
~ Intake Manifold (can't think of brand off the top of my head)
~ KYB GR2 adjustable coilovers (set of four never been used)
~ Skunk2 short throw shifter (if I still have it)
~ Under car H-brace (if I still have it)
~ Lower Control Arms, red in color

Stereo system:
~ Kenwood KDC series indash cd player with a wired Kenwood 6 CD changer under passenger seat
~ Kenwood door tweeters and standard size door speakers
~ Blaupunkt rear 6x9 speakers
~ Twin Audiopipe 12" subs and an Audiopipe Two channel 1200w total power amplifier

Problems currently with the vehicle, of which anyone who is mildly mechanically inclined could easily replace themselves for fairly cheap:

~ The driver door handle is broken because the door seal is bad and needs replaced. ($40 from any Honda dealer)
~ Driver-side front rotor dustguard keeps grinding on the rotor, I've bent it inward but don't know how to fully solve the problem. It's been like this since I bought it.
~ the passenger rear caliper is sticking and needs to be replaced. I replaced the driver rear about 2-3 years ago when I put on the brembos.
~ I believe the fuel pump is starting to die. The car is mostly all original parts as it's been such a great problem free car for me.
~ The CEL is on for Bank 1 O2 sensor. I believe it just needs adjusted height wise in the DC header so that it is getting the correct readings. The car still gets 25-28 mpg.
~ One rim is scuffed a little from being run off the road by a freaking moron of an Ohio resident who doesn't like to look at his blind spots when he changes lanes.
~ I believe the AC needs recharged. Never really used it this summer.

Because I'm selling it with the audio equipment in it, I'm asking $4,100 OBO. Please don't lowball me. KBB has this car listed in fair condition for the mileage at $5,100. I'd like to get this sold quickly before I change my mind.

Pictures as it sits currently, before any cleaning:

imgur: the simple image sharer
imgur: the simple image sharer
imgur: the simple image sharer
imgur: the simple image sharer
imgur: the simple image sharer
imgur: the simple image sharer
imgur: the simple image sharer
Door handle
imgur: the simple image sharer
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I'm the same way. I've had my Integra since March 03.
Forgot to mention the tires are only 8 months old. Less than 300 miles are on them.
At that price, it will sell in a heart beat...

I :wub: EM1's. If I didn't have my GSR, i'd be on the way to to snatch that up right now :)
it gets up and goes good. ive driven it a few times and it drives and rides well. BDN tested :thumbsup:

James...most of your stuff you have for it is in the basement and you also have your LCAs and i think a few more things for it out in the garage under the work bench on the right side underneath it.
If I can get my law suit settled quick enough i would come and get this car! not too bad on the price either. im sure it will sell way too quick for me to get it. haha

i got in a car accident and it was the other guys fault. hurt my neck, upper/mid/lower back, shoulders, and my wrist... and gonna get a damn check and fix my damn life, and my injured self lol im not hurt severely though, but i have a pinched nerve in my neck and one in my lower back again like it was after i wrecked the blue crx si in 2010. so it aggravated it again and the muscles spasm a lot. anyways, i want this car and i will buy it if i get the money in time! good luck with the sale dude
Shit I did forget about the LCAs. lol those'll go with it if I can find em.
Sell any of that extra stuff separately instead? :ph34r:
Nice price! Almost the same as the one I used to have. I wish I was in the market for something.
Fucking A. Caught a finishing nail in one of the tires and the sidewall is done for. Guess I'll be replacing it before I can sell it. Lovely.