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k, i got my b16a in my integra, all the wiring is hooked up, i think...but she wont start up...when i turn the ignition she sounds like shes about to go, but then nothing sounds like theres not enough juice in the battery, but i bought a brand new battery so i have no clue what it is...any help would be appreciated
check the ground wire from the battery to the tranny had the same prob sounds like the battery is dead and it wouldnt start the wire broke on the tranny side. def. sounds like a ground prob.
After checking your 1) grounds 2) fuel 3) fire 4) timing,check it all again.If you have compression on top of all that the engine will fire.Run right,maybe not but fire yes
I had the same problem in my z6 swap. but I had the firing order wrong on the distributor. just make sure the plugs are in the right spot, and i think (i'm not sure) that the firing order will be 1342. it won't start up if the plugs arn't firing at the right time.