Fs 1996 Honda Del Sol Si

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I have a 96 del sol si 5speed thats dark green(looks black almost at night). it has the sohc vtec engine with intake. it has 107k miles on it. it had light front end damage so it has a rebuilt title now.the frame was a little bent and the hood, passenger door/fender were replaced and the front bumper with one off a 93-95 bc i wanted the holes for foglights but havent found any yet that fit so at the moment its just holes for the lights. it has clear corners, alezza's, chrome e-brake, and indiglo guages. i put a 2000 civic si suspension on it for a better ride(front shocks and springs, rear just spring bc you cant use the shocks in the rear). at the moment it has a knock in it, its not really loud but it is noticable, havent been able to determine whats causing it tho. I'm trying to get 3500 obo for it as it sits, if the engine goes i'll be replacing the engine with a good Stock engine(a sohc vtec) and upping the price back up to 4500, if u know engines u might be able to fix this cheap and repair it yourself and save some money. pm me with any questions. or email me at highrolr@tampabay.rr.com