NJ FS: '93 del Sol with JDM H22 swap

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I am now selling my ’93 Honda del Sol due to purchasing a new car and don’t have the money to keep both registered and insured. While I am looking to sell this car quickly I am not looking to give it away. A lot of time and thought (and over $15G) have gone into making this a very quick yet fully reliable and streetable car. All motor it is in the low 14, high 13 second range but I still get well over 30 mpg highway. With the nitrous it can run in the 12’s. Here are most of the modifications to the car
JDM H22A Engine- This is out of an OBDI JDM SIR Prelude. It is a closed deck block which means that it is a perfect platform for a turbo as you do not need a block guard. I have the receipts for the motor from Jspeed in North Carolina so you know that it is not stolen
ECU tuned using CHROME
Zex 2 degree colder plugs
Zex Nitrous Kit- included but not installed
Exedy stage 3 clutch
Clutchmasters lightened flywheel
Neuspeed intake manifold gasket
JDM Type S Valve Cover
DC Sports battery tie down and spark plug wire cover
DC Sports Headers
AEM Integra Type R Cold Air Intake with bypass valve
Tenabe racing medallion exhaust-with silencer installed to quiet exhaust to well within legal limits
Hasport polyurethane engine mounts
Hasport Axles
Tokiko Full adjustable coilovers
Dc Sports Front, Rear and Lower strut and Tie Bars
Skunk 2 camber kits
’99 Civic SI wheels
Tires with less than 5000 miles on them
DST floormats and Trunkmat
JDM maplights
JDM license plate fillers
JDM 1 piece headlights
Blue LED dash light conversion
Autometer phantom A/F and voltmeter gauges
Battery in last 3 months
’96-’98 Front bumper conversion
Brand new Carbon Fiber hood
Shaved antenna
Clear bumper reflectors
Infinity Kappa front and rear speakers
JL Audio Stealthbox
JBL 80X4 amp
Alpine IVA-D300 tv/dvd head unit
Civic Type R shift knob
GSR radiator
Slim line fan
I have receipts for most everything that is installed on the car. The roof seals were replaced in the last year so the roof does not leak. Overall the body is about a 6/10. There are a couple of minor dings and a small amount of rust over the rear wheel wells. There is a scuff on the front bumper where someone backed into it in a parking lot and some paint is peeling from the rear bumper. A fresh coat of paint would bring the exterior up to a 9 or 10. The interior is a 8/10. Still has the original ashtray and glove compartment which have a tendency to break. Mobil 1 always used since engine swap. Royal Purple in the transmission. It is inspected until next year. Asking $5000obo. Email me @ LMJAY50@hotmail.com for more pics


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Do you still have this Sol for sale?? If so, what part of NJ are you in?? I will be headed back from the desert in Jan, and am looking to sell my Jeep and get a nice shape Honda like this one..
What transmission do you have in the car, is the one from the same Prelude, or did you do the H2B swap?? I am hoping this doesn't sell before I can get back stateside and sell my Jeep... You have certainly spent some time on this ride, and I would love to continue on with a good thing... Not too far away from Dover either really...
It is the same transmission from the Prelude. Back when I did the swap in '01 there was no such thing as a H2B swap. Thanks man. It would be great to sell it to someone who would be able to appreciate it. Not too far. I'm about 2-2.5 hours from dover. Get back safe and hit me up when you're stateside