Fs:b16 Block

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GNU/Linux Evangelist
Bottom end from a B16A1
In the same condition as it was when I got it.
It has no oil pan or pistons. Make a reasonable offer. Will ship at your expense. I am willing to trade the block some cash for a B16 Cable tranny or a 93 GSR tranny that works, no grinds.



Seriously, make a reasonable offer. I don't expect to get a lot out of this, but I expect more than $2.50.
$2.51 deal?

ok, ok j/k. I don't like to offer, so tell me how much you are trying to get out of it, and i will tell you to screw yourself of that i will send the money this week. Looking to build a b16 for boost, but obviously the block itself leaves a lot to be purchased, and that can all amount to a shitload more than buying the whole motor.
All it needs to be back to where I bought it is an oil pan. I don't know if all the sensors are there or are good. How about $50? If you don't think that is reasonable, make me a counter offer.
Seriously, anyone that needs this bottom end make me a reasonable offer. They are not pictured, but I have the oil pickup and windage tray as well.