Fs: D16z6 Parts

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The following Z6 parts are for sale :

D16Z6 Parts Pics

Z6 Head--complete with valve cover, rocker arms, valves, springs,VTEC solenoid etc--everything you need. OEM NGK spark plugs are gapped and put in about 1 week ago.

Z6 Intake Manifold--complete ; all sensors, injectors, fuel pressure regulator, it has an AEM fuel rail on it, I can keep it on and charge extra for it, or sell them seperately.

Z6 P28 ECU--it's for an automatic, but works perfectly, can be used in manuals, Jeff knows more about that than I do, though.

GReddy Stainless Steel 4-2-1 Header, still in wrapping, opened just to examine--comes in original box.

ARP head studs for the Z6, again, still in box, has instructions, opened only to examine.

Skunk2 Blue Cam Gear--Once again, comes with original box, wrapper, etc...opened only to examine.

Z6 Distributor--good condition, just put on new rotor and cap.

Z6 OEM head gasket, intake manifold gasket, timing belt, and spark plugs are also available.

The valve cover is cleaner that it is in the pics, as I used sandpaper to get rid off all the crap on it.

PM me with prices not including shipping. I usually ship UPS Ground, let me know if you want a cheaper way. I will say yay or nay, don't ask how much I want for them...Afipunk21@hotmail.com, or Afipunk21@hondaswap.com, AIM Name--you guessed it, Afipunktwentyone

Everything is in perfect condition, it was about 2 days away form getting put on my B7 block, but my tranny and axles are about shot, so now I am looking for a B18A/B OBD1 changeover.
I paid 450 for just the Z6 parts, and about 900 in aftermarket parts, for everything shipped would be 1000--this is for every z6 part, as well as header, AEM fuel rail, arp head studs, skunk2 cam gear, etc and all of the aftermarket parts are about a month old. If I can trade my Civic in, I will throw in a month old AEM cold air intake with bypass valve.
Nah, I wont end the auction for the head early, but I havent put the IM or distrib on ebay yet, make an offer, including shipping, and I'll let you know.