Fuel Management

Its been a while since i posted... very busy with work (getting a promotion! woohoo! more moolah to spend on cheap adrenaline rush called speed!) and my 6 month old son (sitting up by himself and crawling... always crawling somewhere he souldnt be, lol) anyways...

motor : d16y7 (96 civic dx)
planned: y8 head swap (port n polish'd)
mugen program d16y8 computer

mods: jdm 5th gen SiR intake mani
tanabe racing medallion catback
b&m short shifter
short shit intake from kragen
iridium plugs & magnecor wires
s&s 4-1 header waiting to go on
act stage 1 street disk
stock flywheel lightened 4 lbs (not worth it)
d16z6 tranny (dx one took a shit)

Im planning to do a B.Y.O. turbo setup with a t25. Already have a big ass trust front mount intercooler and found a turbo in good condition. i figure ill have all the piping done custom. also planning an hks ssq bov and a tial 35mm wastegate. I'm going with the boards advice on the inline pro mani. (its super sweet btw)

But im still a little shaky on fuel management. With an inline pump, bigger injectors, and one of the missing links will i be fucking up my motor? What would be the most reliable and safest method of fuel management. I cant afford any stand alone laptop controlled hondata setup so dont ask... but, if what i described above would do me please feedback... i want it safe and reliable...

thanks folks =)
- Garrett
frankly, you don't have ANY fuel management yet.

bigger injectors will flood you at idel and low rpms if they aren't controlled down.

what you need is either an fmu and the missing link, or a vafc (to run the vafc hack) and the larger injectors (440-450) ALONG with you inline booster .
it can be done. basically, you can either block it off, or just not connect the vacuum source to the internal, so it never opens, thus giving the tial control. but FYI, 35mm gates are discontinued. the 38 replaces it.
what you need is either an fmu and the missing link, or a vafc (to run the vafc hack) and the larger injectors (440-450) ALONG with you inline booster .

I dont know why i didnt put that above : i knew i'd need an fmu as well. lol must have been tired. however i'm not familiar with the vafc hack. Any details on it, or a reccomendation between the two?

wait a tic, you are going to use an external wastegate on an internally wastegated turbo??

I've heard wonders about using a tial wastegate with the internally gated t25 from by boosted buddy. And yeas, all he did was block it off (not quite sure on the exact way to do this but i'm sure he could show me.)

but FYI, 35mm gates are discontinued. the 38 replaces it.

I was unaware.... like i said i got this info from my boosted buddy that uses a 35. will there be any drastic changes between using the 35 and 38? if so, what do i need to do to counter these changes?

(ps : any feedback from our in house air pushing expert loco honkey would be greatly appreciated) *grin*

thanks folks
vafc hack can be found in detail at http://www.thedropshop.tv tech section.

basically, you run way too big injectors (440s) and tune the vafc down to like -30%, thus, reducing the map sensor voltage, thus no need for missing link.
its good to about 9-10 psi on a t3/t04e before it will throw a code depending on the size of the turbo.

theres no change in the 35-38. they are interchangable flanges. its just "better and bigger" now.
cool thanks.
so i take it the fmu+ inj + missing link + inline pump is the better way to go?

reccomendations on a middle of the road fmu? not apc, but not spoon *grins*
i wouldn't say that.

if i was in that situation, i'd run the hack, or look into uberdata or other pgmfi free-beeies

with the fmu, you're going to want to run the stock 240cc, or at MOST 310 cc injectors. otherwise, you'll flood at idel and low rpms.

and also, judging by your sig- loose the mugen program. you don't want a wicked timing advance boosting. stop buying all motor parts :)

alright ill do that

but i was going all motor for a while, till i got my tax return check *grin*
Earned income credit with a child at age 18 is a big ass tax return, let me tell ya.. hehe

thanks for all your help.