Needing help finding a builder/tuner... Deployed plz help

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As the title says I'm in need of a reputable engine builder and tuner. After my first deployment I put a GSR motor in my Crx. Long story short, not enough power and not enough money to boost so I stroked out to 2.16 and started to fit a nitrous kit. Then I got short notice orders to deploy to Afghanistan just after getting the engine back into the chassis. Now that im deployed and income is not an issue I want to boost and go for big numbers. Im hoping for the 700 range on q16. Any input as well as help finding a builder that I can have finish the engine while I'm gone and have my friend take it to for tuning would be greatly appreciated. I just want this car finished when I get home. Im located in Ohio, but at this point distance doesnt really matter for a good quality build and tune. Here is my current setup as well as some of the near future plans.

I obviously have issues with making phone calls, if not for the 9.5 hour time difference from home, the horrible call quality over skype. A few builders have blown me off over this build and I want to find someone that is interested in helping me complete.

1989 CRX HF
It is entirely possible I have forgot something but if I think of it I will send another email.
B18c bored to take 81.5mm decked as well but I don't remember how much off hand
Brian crower 2.16L lightweight stroker crank. BC5019LW. 95mm stroke
Brian crower forged H beam connecting rods. BC6040
JE 11.0:1 forged pistons with JE ProSeal rings
ACL race bearings
Golden Eagle oil squirter blockers
ARP hardware throughout entire engine

B16 head
Brian crower stage II N/A cams. BC0012
Brian crower valve springs with steel retainers BC0010s
Brian crower intake and exhaust valves OE spec BC3010 BC3011
Blox intake manifold
Blox 68mm throttle body
Hondata IM gasket
GReddy timing belt
Cometic head gasket

Skunk2 cat back exhaust 2.5" megapower

P72 hydraulic trans with factory LSD
ACT Clutch organic disc with heavy duty pressure pressure plate
Factory flywheel

Mishimoto half radiator with custom fan shroud and Full-Race fan

255lph fuel pump
AEM fuel rail
RC 550cc injectors

s300 in a p72

BC racing coil overs
Skunk2 adjustable upper control arms
Skunk2 adjustable rear links
Skunk2 rear lower control arms
ASR rear subframe brace with 23mm sway bar
Explicit speed racing front and rear strut tower bars
6pt roll cage
Innovative mounts front crossmember

Si master cylinder and proportioning valve
Si rear disc trailing arms
Powerslot front rotors
OE rear rotors
Hawk HP plus pads

Rota Grid 16x7 running 205/45/16 Hoosier A6s

I have a decent idea of what I want to do upgrade wise but I am always open to other ideas

Willwood big brake kit and proportioning valve

DSS axle kit, not sure which one yet

I want to lexan the hatch as well as the corner windows

Possibly go to a 8inj intake manifold
Upgrade injectors
Full Blown double pump hanger will Walbro 255's
Convert the car to Steel braided lines with AN fittings
Fuel pressure regulator

Golden eagle sleeves o-ring'd
Manley Turbo tuff rods

Turbo kit
Full-race non-AC prostreet kit
Unsure of which turbo to choose

Hydraulic clutch conversion

adjustable cam gears

Clutch upgrade

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Slowmotion Motorsports in Columbus. They are THE people to go to in Ohio. They've built quite a few record holding drag cars in their full on speed shop.
That is who I purchased my stroker kit and other parts through, unfortunately they have been reluctant to reply to any of my emails. I guess ill try again.
They get pretty swamped especially during the winter when everyone wants to build for next season. If you ever get the chance I'd give them a call to make sure they get your situation and maybe get a direct email address for the future.
I sent them another email, unfortunately with being 9.5 hours ahead of OH in Afghanistan and having poor ability to call back home email is my best chance.