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AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHEAHAHOEAHOAHOA. this is fucking funny. some kid trying to show off and do a burnout, loses control and slams into a parked jetta.

"what the fuck is wrong with you?"

"yo he almost fucking hit the type r!!"

man, what was he doing??? it looked like he had plenty of distance to stop.... that guy was a fool!!!! lol, i like at the end the guy filming is all "you should kick his ass bro" lmfao
ha that is fucking great.

Driver of mr2: "Dont hit me"

What the fuck was he doing, was not a burn out, he just steered toward the grass
wtf was he doing? he did have plenty of room to stop, and even if he didnt, he swerved around that car at the stop light way to soon (if thats even wut he was doing) he wasnt goin that fast, and he shouldve stopped before he hit that car unless his brakes didnt work, :whatafucktard:
Works for me, i am using ATI media player.

See this is why this site fucking sucks, I have been trying to write a paper all night long but stuff like this grabs my attention then i get no work done.
I could see that woman doing this :axe:. How the hell do you create enough instability to push a car that far off as to go to the other side of the street, and onto it. It didn't look like he torque pulled that bad...than again who knows?
maybe he doesn;t have positracktion *or however you spell it* and that spun him off course?
WTF? I moron seen he was going to the side, why didn't he hit the breaks? He wasn't going fast enough to hit the breaks and slide up the grassy hill and into a car hard enough to move it that far. Fucking children!
OMFG!!! THATS GREAT!!! "wtf is wrong with you !?!?", how many times do they say fuck in that video??? damn and i thought i sweared a lot...

that guy deserves a beatdown...he could have TAPPED the brakes and stopped... I think it was intentional, maybe it's a stunt and he's a really good stunt driver? :blink:
i love the chick that keeps yelling " FUCKING ASSHOLE" in the back and talking about how he just got it back out of the shop. oh well it was funny as hell to me. fawking morons
Originally posted by 90 accord@Jan 7 2003, 12:41 AM
maybe he doesn;t have positracktion *or however you spell it* and that spun him off course?

what? =/

when you have positrac and both those tires start spinning, then the car will definitely get sideways (like the mr2 did!), and if you dont attempt to control the slide and just slam on the brakes (like the mr2 did!) you will just continue to slide until you finally come to a stop.

it almost looks like he was trying to do a 180. i dont know, but its obvious the guy couldnt drive worth a shit. he must have been high or something.
Can anyone driving lessons or at leat get the f off the road. "your so dumb you run into a parked car" from 3'rd grade remeber that one.