Game Spy Tunnel

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Someone told me about Game Spy Tunnel, which allows you to play any XBox game that has "system link" capabilities online. So basically, XBox live free. The only downside is no voice com and a limited game selection. But still, it's free.
I've been playing Halo online for a while now, with 6 players and no lag. You have to have broadband, but that's it. You download a tiny program from and use that to connect and play. Barely anyone knows about this, so I thought I would spread the word.
Game Spy Tunnel emulates connecting a few XBox consoles over a hub, but uses the internet instead. You have your internet connection into your uplink on you hub, and then plug your computer and XBox into the hub. Select a game, connect, and play.
I'm very happy. Finally a new way to waste my time instead of posting here, on HAG, or playing Counter-Strike. And it's winter, so I'm not working on my car in 10 degree weather.
Anyone up for a Halo match? Hit me up on AIM.