Garret T25 - T28 conversion

A mate of mine has just hooked me up with a Garret T25 for R400 (thats about $60). It's not new, but in good nick... off his Nissan 200sx. Next I'm sending it in to be acid bathed, new seals and bearing etc.

My whole turbo setup that I'm planning is around the Edelbrock Drag turbo kit which uses the Garret T28. My question is, is it possible to change the housings, or compressor/exhaust wheels of my Garret T25 to equivalent the T28? What needs to be changed? Or am I wasting my time... thing is the turbo is dirt cheap... and it's not stuffed, the Nissan has 60 000 geniune miles and it's a one owner very well maintained car.

depends on the T28. some are actually hybrid turbos, t25 turbine with t3 compressors. others are "real" t28's. really, it depends what kind of manifold and the flange it has. the step to a t28 isn't very drastic over the t25. maybe 20 hp TOPS at the same psi level. Just run 1 more psi on the t25. =)


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forced performance sells a "killer" t28 (at least thats what i think it's called). basically a T28 with the TD05H big 16g wheel...supposedly good for ~480 cfm